You wanted to take better photographs... of your kids, your grandkids, the beautiful Florida landscape. So you bought a "fancy" camera which has remained in the box because all of those buttons scare you. Well it's time to free it from the box and learn your camera! 

BASIC DSLR CLASS: A couple of times a year I teach a 2 hour workshop on the basics of how to use your DSLR camera. The next class is coming March 2018. Contact me to receive info on upcoming class dates. 


CAMERA COACHING: I also take on a few students a year on a one-on-one basis. It's best to take the Basic DSLR class first depending on your skill level. Contact me to learn more about camera coaching. 

See you in class!

Here’s what past students are saying:

"Excellent class and teacher. Thank you. I feel empowered now to move forward with my photography!"

“I feel like I gained SO much more than 2 hours of knowledge! Many a-ha moments.”

“Such an informative class! Can't wait to put it all to use and start practicing!”

Stay Tuned for Upcoming Classes

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